About Us

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found that children were unable to receive adequate educational opportunities. Kids needed a way to challenge their brains without the added stress that supplementary education too often carries. We quickly recognized the lack of structured courses for kids that offered engaging learning, and took initiative.

Thus, STEMz Learning was born. STEMz Learning tackles these problems with a combination of nontraditional curriculum and experiment-driven learning. Better yet, our courses can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. As students, we understand that you have to enjoy learning to want to learn. Keeping this sentiment in mind, we designed our courses to be a launching pad, not a finish line.

Our Leaders

Alice Gao


Sri Chandrasekaran


Taleen Shomar


Erica Huang

Internal Operations

Belle Chang

Head of Curriculum

Vaaruni Khanna

Head of Outreach & Recruitment

Yena Kim

Head of Social Media & Marketing

Ariana Leon

Head of Curriculum

Lavin Ma

Head of Development

Emily Puthur Simon

Head of Teaching

Sehar Suleman

Head of Curriculum