Education through experimentation.

Making engaging curriculum accessible to all.

Mission Statement

STEMz Learning strives to provide elementary school students with curriculum centered around experiments and hands-on learning. Our main goal is to introduce complex topics in palatable, engaging ways that inspire kids to learn more.

Who Are We?

STEMz Learning is a youth-led outreach program based in Folsom, California, that wants to make STEM education more accessible to elementary school students, grades 2-6. We provide free curriculum for both self-guided and parent-guided learners as well as free online courses.

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What Are We Working on Now?

Developing Courses

We are constantly creating and improving our curriculum so that your child always has new and exciting things to learn about.

Registering for Non-Profit Status

We are in the process of registering our organization as a nonprofit. We are working on making your donations tax-deductible! We want to make our organization last for years to come!

Connecting with Local Elementary Schools

We will reach out to local elementary schools to host after-school programs once it is safe.